Former WWE Writer Rips Company For Ronda Rousey Promo On Nikki Bella


This past Monday on RAW, Ronda Rousey cut a promo on Nikki and Brie Bella that left a lot of WWE fans in surprise. During the promo, Rousey told Bella that “the only door that you have ever knocked down was the door to John Cena’s bedroom.”

Rousey was implying that the only reason The Bella Twins have seen the success they have is because of the men they have dated – top WWE stars John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Nikki and John are reportedly no longer together, while Brie and Bryan are married with a child. Former WWE writer Tom Casiello took to Twitter and commented on the matter.

He ripped the WWE for allowing such a line to be used, in his opinion, setting back the WWE’s Women’s Revolution:

“I am SO proud of WWE for investing so much in their women’s divisions… …and I’m also SO grateful they regurgitated YET ANOTHER “women can’t be successful unless they sleep their way to the top” promos, to remind us how much work still needs to be done.”

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