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NewsFormer WWE Writer Thinks Cyber Sunday Should Be Brought Back

Former WWE Writer Thinks Cyber Sunday Should Be Brought Back



WWE Cyber Sunday was originally established in 2004 under the name Taboo Tuesday. The basic concept of the event involved fans voting on certain match types and opponents using their computers or phones. Voting began weeks beforehand and ended during the actual event. The event was billed as an “interactive” pay-per-view and was exclusive to Monday Night RAW.

During the most recent edition of the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. suggested that WWE should bring back the “interactive” pay-per-view concept. Freddie admits he always thought the voting results weren’t legit and that it was all worked. The former WWE writer also spoke about some changes he thinks will be implemented with Triple H in charge of creative.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why he appreciates the online fan voting aspect of Cyber Sunday: “It was a legit vote, and every time that the vote came in, that’s who went in and wrestled, and I never knew that. I always thought it was a work when I was [watching], when they were on. But I liked those a lot even though I thought they were fake. Once I found out it was real, it just brought a whole different level of magic to it, so I would love to see something like that come back again.”

On what flavor of changes he predicts will be seen from WWE: “I think they’ll start bringing some old school stuff back. I mean, Triple H is a true student of the game. He’s a historian; he knows everything there is to know about wrestling.”

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