Killer Khan

Former WWF Wrestler Killer Khan Avoids Prosecution After Hit-And-Run Incident


Former WWF(E) wrestler Killer Khan will not face prosecution over a hit-and-run incident that happened last year. Taking place last October, Khan (real name Masashi Ozawa), struck the victim with his bicycle before fleeing the scene.

The victim, a woman in her mid-20’s suffered a broken tooth and other injuries that required one month to heal.

Shortly after the incident, Killer Khan would issue an apology in which he said:

“I know that I struck the woman, but I had to go to my nearby [restaurant], I am sorry for injuring [her].”

However, despite there being video evidence as well as Khan’s own admission, the prosecutors have elected to not follow through with the charges. But, according to PWInsdier the reason for this is not known.

Killer Khan retired from professional wrestling in 1987. He had multiple stints in the WWF throughout the 1980’s including a highly regarded feud with Andre the Giant.

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Killer Khan

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