Frankie Kazarian Comments On Scorpio Sky, Advice Given To Sky


AEW Superstar Frankie Kazarian recently appeared on the “Wrestling Perspective” podcast to discuss working with Scorpio Sky and Sky’s current singles run. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Sky’s potential as a breakout star: “Sky’s got all the tools. I saw something special in Sky back in 2005 in PWG, and I actually specifically asked to do something with him and they were cool enough to give me a lot of creative freedom. So, Scorpio Sky and myself had a year-long feud back in the indies and became very good friends, and so when we had the opportunity to add a third guy to our team in 2017, Sky was the first guy we could think of. He’s one of those guys that had all the tools. He looked like a million bucks, he could work, he could talk. He had all the tools, but just never caught that break. You guys are athletes and musicians and you know that timing is everything. Sometimes certain guys just don’t get that break and he was one of those guys.”


On he and Daniels giving Sky advice: “If anything, we’ve stressed to Sky — I think, he’s learned a lot of how to do business behind the scenes from Chris and I and the type of attitude to display. When to show your cards. When to not. I think I can safely say we’ve helped him out with a lot of the business end of pro wrestling because there’s nothing inside the ring I’m going to teach him. He’s great, but I think he’s learned a lot on how to conduct himself as a pro wrestler. He’s just grown by leaps and bounds. I keep going back to this, you have to be in there and around guys that have been where you want to go and know what you want to do. That goes for all walks of life. We’re all still learning, Sky’s — people are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with what they can expect from him because he’s great.”

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