Frankie Kazarian Reacts To His TNA Departure & Future Plans?


In an interview with, Frankie Kazarian
spoke about his departure from TNA and his brief run in the WWE. Here are

On his relationship with Jeff Jarrett and if
he’d join Global Force Wrestling:
“I have a good relationship with
Jeff, I mean the guy gave me a huge break. He was my boss for a long time. He
became a pal. He’s got a great vision. He has wrestling in his blood. I’ll wait
to see how everything pans out before, I mean, let’s wait till GFW is actually
an existing entity. Right now everything is speculation, so until there is an
actual wrestling company to go we’ll see. I mean, I can’t really answer a
question that the possible answer is that you have to guess. Anything Jeff puts
his name on I would jump at the chance to be part of because he is a brilliant
business man when it comes to professional wrestling.”

On if it bothers him that he never had a
long run with WWE:
“I don’t think there is such a thing as a mold –
You either get over or you don’t. At the time I just wasn’t mentally prepared
for WWE the machine and the big business that it is cause that is exactly what
it is. I don’t know what I was expecting but I just wasn’t mentally prepared. I
wasn’t mentally mature enough cause it is such a huge business. It is not just a
wrestling promotion, it is a business and it is run very smoothly and it is run
by people are the best in the industry and have been doing it forever. There is
a reason why they are the best. So, at the time I was a little bit young, a
little bit naïve about things and that’s all 100% my fault. You know, just being
a little unprepared for the business side of things and a little bit overwhelmed

On if he’s done with TNA: “I’m
technically still under contract but that’s for a very, very short amount of
time. Once that contract runs out I will no longer be with TNA.”

On how he feels about how TNA wrote him
“It wasn’t much of a sending off. I was in the position where
they wanted to introduce new characters and get over other characters, so if the
guy isn’t going to be there, that’s, I guess, is the best use of them – is to
put them at the expense of other characters. Hey, that’s their decision and I’m
good with that if they are good with that. If they think that is a good way to
put a new character over, then hey, I’m a company guy and I’ll do it. It’s
somebody’s vision – They decided to go with this crop of guys going forward and
decided to not go with guys Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, Daniels, and myself. You
don’t want to fight that. There’s no need to fight it. Just go with

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