Frankie Kazarian Reveals The Advice He Received From William Regal & Chris Jericho


Frankie Kazarian has been in the wrestling business for a long time, but he’s still open to advice from veterans. The five-time X-Division Champion spoke about receiving guidance from William Regal and Chris Jericho during his time with All Elite Wrestling on a recent episode of Top Guy Experience, courtesy of AdFreeShows.

Kazarian said of Regal, “William Regal, who is a friend and gentleman, called me over and he kind of whispered in my ear, ‘Have you been doing this s*** too long to not take advice?’ I said, ‘Me? Regal, absolutely not. What do you got for me?’ And he gave me some advice on the match I just did and it made perfect sense, and this is me 25 years in.”


Kazarian also mentioned Chris Jericho giving him words of advice in his career. He stated, “Chris Jericho is another one … he’s given me so much good advice, you know, not just in terms of pro wrestling, but outside the business.”

Frankie Kazarian recently returned to Impact Wrestling, announcing that he had officially signed with the company at this year’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view in January.

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