Franky Monet Comments On Wanting To “Create Magic” With Raquel Gonzalez In NXT


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, WWE NXT Superstar Franky Monet commented on wanting to “create magic” in NXT with Raquel Gonzalez, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how she’s adjusted to the transition to WWE: “I’m doing great. Thank you. I’ve just been taking it in day by day and pinching myself every so often. It’s been a crazy ride to get here, but I’m just enjoying every moment. Every time I get to be in the ring with this amazing talented roster, as well as learning from some of the greatest legends and producers and teachers that there are in the world of sports and entertainment, I’m honestly just enjoying myself. And I’m very excited for everyone to see the encore of my world premiere, which happens tomorrow night on the USA Network.”

On the learning experience in WWE and getting an opportunity to work on certain parts of her skill set: “It’s honestly been really great. I feel like people sometimes forget that over the last year, which was 2020, I went from wrestling four to five times a week to wrestling every six weeks when I was shooting Impact. So it was really great for me to be put in this position where I can get in the ring every day, when I do have people that are going over everything that maybe I feel like I need to clean up, and also the style differences and things that I might’ve done in the past in Mexico that don’t really translate well for here or different things like that. Every company and everywhere you go, you should be learning. And I’m taking that in every day. I think it’s important for me to evolve as a performer and as a human being and really understand every little piece of what it is to be part of the WWE Universe. So I’m just taking it in day by day. I’m learning from these amazing coaches. I’m learning from all these different wrestling on the roster that, for the first time, I’m getting in the ring with them. Some of them are brand new to me. So it’s been a huge learning experience, but also a positive one. And I’m just looking forward to continue to be doing what I’m doing and growing and showing everybody who Franky is.”

On a potential match with Raquel Gonzalez: “Raquel is such an incredible athlete. She’s grown so much over the last few years. No matter where I’ve been in my professional wrestling career, I’ve been watching the product, watching NXT, walking Raw, watching SmackDown, and so to see some of these women to be coming into their own. And I think that she is someone who’s really done that. She’s such a powerhouse, has so much charisma. You stop and stare when she walks into the ring. So I know that with her, I could create some crazy level of magic.”

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