Franky Monet Says Her WWE NXT Character Is A ‘Work In Progress,’ More


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, WWE NXT Superstar Franky Monet commented on her NXT character evolving, getting away from her Taya Valkyrie ring name, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who she is looking forward to working with on the brand: “There’s so many women on the roster such as … I’ve wrestled in tag matches with Shotzi [Blackheart] in the past, but I’ve never had her one-on-one, or someone like Ember Moon, who I’ve been watching for years and years from the indies to WWE and everything in between. So I know that there are so many opportunities for crazy dream matches, and I just looked forward to getting started. And obviously, I would love to face Io [Shirai] again. The last time I faced her was five years ago in STARDOM. So it’s just everybody’s come so far. I’m not the same person I was when I wrestled Io five years ago. I’m me now. I’m Franky Monet. I’m in the WWE. So I know that there’s so many people there that I would have fantastic matches with and I just look forward to mixing it up with each and every one of them.”

On if she’d be interested in doing a Miz & Mrs.-like reality show with John Morrison: “Absolutely. Who wouldn’t want to be creating some great moments on screen with their husband? John is my favorite human in the entire world. I also think he’s the most talented person in the entire world. And I just know that it’s been proven before that we have great chemistry in the ring. We have great chemistry if we’re wrestling each other, if we’re wrestling … if he’s wrestling, I’m wrestling, and vice versa. And I just feel like this would be a great opportunity for us to be reunited at some point, but I do think that it’s very important for me to be having my moments in NXT by myself since I am new to the WWE universe. So I know that things like that will come in time, and I look forward to that day. And right now, I’m just really focused on letting everybody know in the WWE universe who I am, my past, my present, what I plan to do in the future, and just showing who Franky is.”

On developing the Franky Monet character as distinct from Taya Valkyrie: “She is a work in progress still. I just feel like Franky is just an elevated version of Taya and just a little bit nuttier. And I feel like the way people are going to get to know who I am is through these matches and through all the backstage segments and just getting to understand who I am, and also just realizing that never judge a book by its cover. I may be blonde and carry a puppy dog and wear fur and all this shiny stuff, but I’m an absolute bad-ass that has no problem having a street fight at a moment’s notice. I am a little bit crazy. There’s a reason they call me La Wera Loca, and I have been that for 10 years. So, I think that I’m going to surprise a lot of people, because they’re going to be too quick to judge from what they see. But it’s just going to take time and it’s going to take having killer matches, which I know I will do. And yeah, it’s going to be very interesting, but I’m super excited and just growing with my fans.”

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