Fred Rosser Discusses Using Total Divas To Make More Money While In WWE


Fred Rosser aka Darren Young spoke in an interview with Wrestling Inc about how he was able to use Total Divas to make more money without being a cast member.

Here is what he had to say: 

“With WWE and their reality show, Total Divas, anytime the cameras are around, I get right on there because for me, not being a part of the show, you’re going to be get a check in the mail because you’re on their show. They pay you. Any time I see Nattie Neidhart, I go, ‘Hey girl, how you doing? How’s everything going?’ And Nattie knows how to turn it on. ‘Oh my God, I’m having so much problems with this Diva, that Diva,’ and I’m just listening, listening. So I know when the cameras are on, a check is in the mail for me. After you’re done and the cameras turn away from you, they’re writing down who was involved in each scene.”

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