Freddie Prinze Jr. Discusses Vince McMahon Not Getting Japanese Talent Over


Former WWE writer and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. recently weighed in on why WWE and Vince McMahon had difficulty trying to get certain Japanese talent over. He was asked on his podcast about why stars such as Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura haven’t quite lived up to fans’ expectations on the main roster.

“So I have an honest answer, but I feel like when dirt sheets pull it from our podcast, it’s gonna come off like brutal and rough. So the funny answer was, ‘Oh well, well it’s just super racist.’ But if I say that, then they’re like, ‘Freddie says WWE is super-racist!’ in giant black or white letters [laughs].”

Yeah, it’s just a cultural ignorance, man. Vince always felt — and this is public — if English isn’t their first language, the American fan is always going to look at them as a heel. And if they are a babyface, he wanted them to be funny and goofy. And I think that’s why there was a lot of goofy Mr. Moto BS when it came to Japanese wrestlers over here.”

The comments come after Asuka’s match with Alexa Bliss last week on RAW ran short on time. The former RAW Women’s Champions battled for two minutes before the match ended in a no contest.

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