Freddie Prinze Jr. Gives High Praise To William Regal For His Help In WWE


During the latest episode of his “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast, former WWE creative team writer Freddie Prinze Jr. commented on William Regal being a huge help to him when he was working in WWE. He said,

“William Regal, also known as Steven Regal, is and was one of the single most helpful human beings while I worked at that company. He would warn me about people. He would help show me what wrestlers’ strengths were, and to write my promos, to fit the type of wrestler that they were, because I was not doing that. You don’t want to write a Luchador like a big man, you don’t want to write a big man like a high flyer. There’s a different attitude when you’re seven-feet tall. You don’t have to say as much, you’re seven feet tall.”

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