Triple H and CM Punk

Freddie Prinze Jr. Talks The Interaction Between CM Punk And Triple H


The history between CM Punk and Triple H is well documented. The two reportedly didn’t get along backstage, and many have accused the new Head of Creative of halting Punk’s momentum in 2011.

On the latest Wrestling with Freddie, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. spoke about the backstage friction between the two stars. Prinze was a former creative writer for WWE and often interacted with many of the company’s top superstars.


Freddie Prinze Jr. on an interaction between CM Punk and Triple H: “He created the Straight Edge Society: no drugs, no alcohol, technically no women if you’re super straight edge. Hunter’s looking him dead in the face, just gassed to the gills, and you know, drinks wine with Vince on the plane, and he just no-sells Punk’s whole promo and goes, ‘I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink,’ and he just looks him dead in the face like, ‘Go ahead and try to call me a liar. I’ll fire you so quick,’ and Punk couldn’t do anything!”

Prinze on how Triple H would intentionally blow live promos with CM Punk on SmackDown: “So that’s why when Punk had that promo on live Raw instead of taped SmackDown where [Hunter] had no control — like, Hunter would blow live promos on a SmackDown and to the live house audience and would go, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll edit it,’ and he would just keep going cause he was so gangster with it. But on Raw, Punk got a chance to kind of do his own thing, and he let his feelings known.”

Prinze on his belief that Triple H will use his new role to take shots at CM Punk: “This could be a huge chance for Hunter to stick it to him. I promise you, dude, Triple H is ‘Petty Betty.’”

Punk would go on to leave WWE in 2014. He wouldn’t return to wrestling until 2021, when he arrived in AEW.

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