FTR Comments on Possibly Signing With AEW, Their Dealings With Tony Khan So Far


During a recent interview with Jim Cornette’s podcast, FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) commented on possibly signing with AEW, their dealings with Tony Khan so far, and more. As previously reported here on eWn, FTR are currently working on a handshake deal. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Cash Wheeler on FTR’s “handshake deal” with AEW: “We’re negotiating still [with AEW]. We have a short-term almost handshake deal because we want to get this done finally because it’s been talked about for so many years. So, we’re not under any longterm obligation to anybody. So, that’s a nice little caveat for ya.”


Dax Harwood on Tony Khan and if FTR can get over in AEW in spite of the Young Bucks: “Yeah, yeah, absolutely, But first and foremost, Tony [Khan] has been great to us. He has trusted us and he’s got trust in us, full trust, which is probably why he’s allowing us to appear on these handshake deals. And me and Cash, we are men of our word, as we said earlier. But he’s been great to us, and he’s a huge fan of the wrestling business, and more importantly, at least to us and our pocket books, he’s a fan of ours because loves he Mid-South stuff. But you know, I think he really believes that myself and Cash that we can get over. During this pandemic, he wants us to get this match with The Bucks everyone has been dreaming about for years and years and years. And he wants to be the first guy to get that match.”

Cash Wheeler on their willingness to work with The Young Bucks in AEW: “We’ve been very transparent on our willingness to work with these guys, but there’s a very real possibility that it’s not going to be pretty, and we’re not gonna respond well to some of the things they said before, and he [Tony Khan] knows this.”

Cash Wheeler on FTR possibly getting “frisky” with the Young Bucks: “I think Tony [Khan] is very aware of the things you [Jim Cornette] said. I think he knows. I think he welcomes it. He seems very excited about the possibility that things could get real ugly real quick. And if he’s willing to do these of deals that he’s kind of put in place right now, then to me, that’s the green light to do whatever we need to do.”

Dax Harwood on being open to signing with AEW: “We’ve been saying that about the contract status and stuff. We’re not signing with Tony [Khan]. That’s a huge possibility, but there’s so much stuff that we want to do in wrestling and so many guys we want to test our skills against around the world. So we’re not against, and we haven’t shut out the idea, of signing with Tony. But you know, I don’t think he’d be too happy with us if we signed a contract and then came on your [Jim Cornette] show though.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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