FTR Give Their Reaction To Supercard Of Honor Match With The Briscoes


As seen at the ROH “Supercard of Honor” event last Friday night, FTR defeated The Briscoes to capture the ROH Tag Team titles.

During the post-show media scrum, FTR commented on how the match went, the handshake between the two teams not being planned in advance, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the scrum below:

Dax Harwood on his reaction to FTR’s match with The Briscoes at ROH Supercard of Honor: “So, as you can tell with my face, in real life I’ve been in a lot of fights. I haven’t won very many fights, I’ve been in a lot of fights with my best friends too, and when things like that happen, you get done with your fights and you respect the guy a little bit more. I think that’s what it was tonight. Those guys, we’ve honestly we’ve never met those guys before Final Battle, and tonight was our first time ever touching in a professional wrestling ring in a professional wrestling match. God dammit, to have something like that, that happens tonight, it doesn’t happen every single day. We were lucky enough that somebody beside us (Tony Khan) allowed that to happen. And we were lucky enough to have it with those guys, and we understood that. Guys are that tough, and they want to be as good. And they want to match your intensity, and match your athleticism and enthusiasm, and physicality. You can only respect them.”

Cash Wheeler on the handshake between the two teams not being planned: “We had no plans on shaking their hands after the match. It wasn’t something that we thought would be a cool moment. But sometimes the best moments are when you’re in the moment and it just happens. After that, as much as I would love to punch them in the mouth every single night, because I want to show that we are the best, and I think this (their titles) does that, there’s nothing they should be ashamed of. They shouldn’t hold their heads down, they should hold their heads up, and we are going to make sure we do that. We appreciate what they have done, not just for wrestling, but especially for Ring Of Honor.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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