FTR Says MJF Was “Upset” At Them For Appearing On Jim Cornette’s Podcast – Details


FTR had an interview with Fightful Select where they discussed the “potential” of adding a third member to their group and why MJF had heat with them.

Cash Wheeler comments on why they don’t want a Six-Man Tag Team Championship added to AEW:

“Maybe eventually down the line, but that’d be trying to run before we can walk. We’re still trying to build up the tag team division and establish all the players there and make people care about every team as individuals and human beings. So, we don’t need to bring more championships into the fold when these aren’t even established. They’re less than a year old. We don’t need to bring more six man teams into the fold when we’re still trying to establish the two man. So, maybe down the line, but I think it’s unnecessary right now.”

Dax Harwood on the potential for a third member to be added to their group and why MJF had heat with them:

“I think that maybe the only person in AEW that is not afraid of the heat as much as us is [Chris] Jericho, but he’s already got his own thing going on. I don’t know if there are too many people that fit in or maybe we don’t fit in with them there. Because we understand that there’s a line between having great wrestling matches and drawing money, and I want to have as many great wrestling matches as I can, but more than that I want to draw money. Because that money is what’s going to allow me to pay for my daughter’s education, gonna allow me to pay for my house that my wife wants to buy and all the bills we’ve got to pay. If there is one person I could pick, maybe I would say the closest to us, and he’s a New Yorker, so that’s pretty funny, is MJF. He may be the closest one to FTR. He can go out and talk the talk and not really care if someone gets a little heated with him. But, to be fair, he is one of the guys that got upset with us for being on Jim Cornette’s podcast. So, I don’t know.”

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