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FTR Thinks Their Feud With The Usos in WWE Was Mishandled, Open to Another Match



During a recent Q&A session on Instagram Live, FTR revealed that they thought their feud with the Usos was mishandled in WWE and they’d like to get the chance to work with them again. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

Dax: “Well I think we got to work with everyone we want to but I think that the feud that we had with The Usos was completely mishandled only because It’s tag team and were five foot ten guys from North Carolina with Southern accent, that match that angle are; excuse me… that match that feud could’ve done so much for tag team wrestling in WWE but it never came refreshing and those are two guys that testing our skills against it would’ve been magical, thare was a lot of magic made on the live events and even some of the Raws if you go back and look at those Raws from June of 2019 we had some burn burners with The Usos but they’ll be forgotten because they were never marquee matchups.”

Cash: “So if you Usos are watching when you guys one hundred percent if we ever get the chance to let’s have the match that we know we could’ve.”

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