Fuego del Sol Reacts To WWE’s Tweets About AJ Styles’ Being The Master Of The Tornado DDT


During a recent appearance on the “World Class Cast” podcast, AEW Superstar Fuego del Sol commented on WWE’s recent tweets about AJ Styles being the “Master of the Tornado DDT.” He said,

“The social media guy is trolling. There are two things happening here; he knew and was like, ‘How do we get traction and retweets.’ He knows about the blog and they are all about numbers over there and want the most traction as possible. All those replies, retweets, and quote tweets look good for them number-wise. Two, he’s a superfan of me and he knew people would come to my defense about it. Regardless, it was a WWE social media guy trolling me. They are aware. They put up ‘Who has the best tornado DDT?’ and it’s a bunch of guys. It was a week or two after one of my segments went viral. Anybody can do the move, I don’t own the move, but I mastered the move. I’m the master. To call somebody else ‘the master of the tornado DDT,’ when that is my moniker, that’s bulls***. The fans knew.”

For those unaware, Fuego del Sol is talking about some recent tweets about AJ Styles hitting the Tornado DDT, which is Fuego’s signature move. The WWE Twitter account said,

“Nobody does a Tornado DDT better than @AliWWE! #WWERaw”

(h/t – Fightful)

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