Full Chris Sabin Twitter Q&A Recap Inside Here


TNA star and former X division and tag team champion, Chris Sabin, recently did a Q&A session on his Twitter account. Below are some highlights:


Q: When are you coming back?

SABIN: Next week!

Q: Are you going to be using the La Magistral Cradle as your finishing maneuver from now on

SABIN: Nope. That involves a rotation on my left knee

Q: Will you be reverting to your more strength based style you had pre-MCMG this time around

SABIN: My style will be different and better than ever. No spoilers

Q: What was the worst match you ever had?

SABIN: I think I was in a “Reverse Battle Royal” (Feast or Fired) one time that won a worst match of the year award

Q: What are your plans when you come back to Impact Wrestling this month? Will you go after teh X-Division Title or Tag Titles?

SABIN: My goal will be the World Title

Q: Is it possible the MCMG (Motor City Machine Guns) return later this year?

SABIN: Not possible at all

Q: What have you been doing in this time off?

SABIN: Training, studying, preparing

Q: Which opponents are you most looking forward to competing against once you come back?

SABIN: I don’t discriminate, I’ll beat anyone

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