Full Extreme Reunion Results – A Total Disaster?


Source: Mike Johnson/Pwinsider.com

Pre-Show Notes: The live crowd is HUGE. There is a line around the building for the show….There will be a pre-show before the Reunion event…Backstage are Homicide, Ruckus, Jeez, The Maximos, DJ Hyde, Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo. Some will be working the show. Some are visiting….They are using CZW’s ring and production team for the event….They are selling several different t-shirt designs….

Pre-Show Notes #2: The show is officially sold out with 2,100 fans here…..There are lots of “ECW” chants in the crowd…..There are multiple cameras filming, including a crane camera, a hard camera and several handhelds…They are also filming with several flip cams…UWF’s Larry Legend is helping out backstage….The start of the show is being delayed as the PA Athletic Commission doctor was delayed in arriving at the venue.

The show opened with a video tribute to former ECW stars who have passed away, ending with Paul Heyman’s speech after Louie Spicoli died, saying that “if you are part of the family of ECW, whether you are with us or not, you are I assure you, for life.” I was told this was something a fan made in honor of the wrestlers who passed so they decided to play it. The crowd popped HUGE for most of the names. No Chris Benoit mention.

They played the old ECW opening, followed by a backstage promo with Shane Douglas. Both had no audio so the crowd chanted, “Bullsh**.” The crowd then entertained themselves chanting, “Yes!” Production turned everything off.

Bob Artese came to the ring and asked who wants some autographed hats. He tossed them out. He introduced Larry Legend.

Ruckus & Blk Jeez vs. The Dramatics.

This is a dark match to test all the cameras and production.

Dramatics are a masked team billed from Puerto Rico. Looks like the Maximos to me. The larger one went back and forth with Jeez and was sent out of the ring. Jeez hit a tope con hilo over the top to the floor. Ruckus then hit a dive. Back in the ring, he went for a handspring elbow but was taken out by the larger Dramatic.

The Dramatics tagged in and out working over Ruckus. Jeez hit the ring to help but was taken out. The Dramatics whipped Ruckus into the corner and nailed a double big boot then cannonball in the corner. Ruckus and Jeez turned the tide with double team maneuvers. They worked over one of the Dramatics in their corner, choking him.

Ruckus nailed the Razzle Dazzle in the corner on the smaller Dramatic. They did the Backseat Boyz’ T Gimmick for a two count. Ruckus went for a moonsault but the Dramatic put his foot up. He made the hot tag to the other Maximo,er Dramatic.

The new Dramatic cleaned house on his opponents. He nailed a back suplex with a bridge on Ruckus. Jeez drilled him with a double stomp. They nailed the Hart Attack on him, then turned him over into a Boston Crab. Jeez dropped a big legdrop on him for a two count.

They went to work over the Dramatics in the corner but Ruckus was shoved off the ropes to the floor. The Dramatics hit the Spanish Fly off the top. The crowd chanted ECW. Jeez broke up the pinfall. Ruckus nailed a moonsault into a legdrop but missed and was covered.

Your winners, the Dramatics!

Solid, fun match.

Cordova vs. Bu Ku Dao

I have no idea idea who these guys are. The crowd chanted, “F*** you both.” Dao, who was billed from Asia, began doing mic work. He introduced Luke Hawx, who called out Shane Douglas, calling him out. They’ve been doing some viral videos of Hawx calling out Douglas and crapping on the reunion. The crowd chanted for New Jack and he said whoever came out, he would beat the sh** out of them.

Cordova attacked him and Hawx left the ring, then kept calling Douglas out, saying he wanted Shane to come out and face him. The crowd booed Cordova when he was left in the ring and they booed him terribly and chanted, “No! No! No!”

Crowd didn’t seem to know what to make of all this.

Bob Artese introduced Robby Mireno. Mireno said it was an honor to have the spot that Joey Styles made famous, being the play by play man for Extreme Reunion. The fans chanted “Joey Styles.” Mireno said Styles was the best announcer of all time and it was an honor. Joel Gertner came out and said it was an absolute honor for him to introduce….and he went into his patented spiel. Gertner got a monster pop and the crowd chanted, “Welcome back.” Gertner then told the crowd on behalf of everyone in the back, “Thank you, you guys are beautiful. Thank you.”

The Final Battle: BWO vs. The FBI

Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie came to the ring with Thomas Rodman, who was part of the BWO in the 1996-1997 era. No Hollywood Nova as Mike Bucci turned down the booking. FBI are Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke. No Tracy Smothers as he pulled out at the last minute, claiming he was done with the business.

Mamaluike and Richards started out shoving each other . Mamaluke grabbed a side headlock. They went back and forth with reversals and faced off. Mamaluke overpowered him and tossed Richards into the corner, chopping him. They fired back and forth with chops. Richards snapmared him and nailed a kick to the back.

Guido tagged in and Meanie tagged iun as well. Guido worked him over and beat him in the corner but Meanie was too heavy for him to whip out of the corner. They started thumbwrestling. Yes, thumbwrestling. That was funny. The fans chanted ECW for it. Mamaluke tried to interfere and Meanie hit them with a double noggin’ knocker.

Guido began jawing with Meanie and dared him to a dance-off. He offered to let Meanie go first, then he and Mamaluke attacked him. The FBI double teamed Meanie, taking turns. Mamaluke drilled him with several kicks to the back. They FBI went to do a double Russian legsweep but Meanie turned it into a double Stroke. Richards made the hot tag and killed Mamaluke with a Steviebomb. Guido broke up the pinfall.

Luke Hawx came out to the ring and grabbed Stevie’s leg. Richards turned to him and was rolled up and pinned by Mamaluke.

Your winners, the FBI!

Fun comedy and decent wrestling but a weak finish.

A pissed off Stevie nailed Rodman with the Steviekick afterwards and looked as if he was going to fight with Meanie. He and Meanie left alone.

Al Snow vs. CW Anderson.

This is the first time they’ve ever wrestled. Big reaction and “Head” chant for Snow. He was wearing his JOB Squad era outfit and argued with the head. He and Anderson did some nice back and forth wrestling to start, going back and forth on the mat and reversing holds. Snow hiptossed Anderson and grabbed the head.

They went back and forth on the mat, working holds. Snow caught Anderson with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. He nailed Anderson into the buckles. Anderson made a comeback and Snow rolled out of the ring to recover. Snow missed a bodypress. Anderson grabbed Snow and slammed him shoulder-first into the ring post. Snow went to the floor hurt and was almost counted out by the referee.

Snow made it back to the apron, where Anderson worked him over with right hands. They fought to the floor, where Snow tossed Anderson over the guard rail into the first row. Big pop for that. Snow grabbed the head to celebrate but Anderson nailed him from behind, then drilled him with a chair. He went for an Irish whip but Snow reversed and Anderson went into the guard rail. He whipped Anderson into another.

Anderson returned to the ring, where Snow had used a maneuquin torso that was tossed in from the front row and nailed Anderson with it. He suplexed Anderson for a two count. Anderson mounted a comeback with a series of right hands and drilled Snow over the back. He began working over Snow’s arm, using the ropes for leverage. Anderson continued working over the arm on the mat, methodically working it over.

Anderson slipped away from Snow mounting a comeback and drilled him with a swinging necbreaker. He went right back to the armbar. Snow tried to mount a comeback but was cut off and locked in the armbar again. The crowd was getting restless but they were telling a story with the match.

Snow finally broke free. Anderson tried to kick him coming off a rebound but his leg was caught. Snow nailed an enziguiri on Anderson. Anderson recovered to his feet first and locked the armbar back on. He began stomping the hell out of Snow’s arm. He grabbed the head and set up to punt it into the crowd but Snow tackled him and went nuts with offense on him.

Snow drilled Anderson with the Head. Anderson rolled to the outside and Snow began talking to the Head. Anderson was whipped into the corner, taking out the referee. Snow nailed the Snowplow but there was no referee. The ref finally counted two and Anderson kicked out.

Snow went to nail him with the Head but the referee took it away. Snow was drilled with the Spinebuster and pinned.

Your winner, CW Anderson!

OK match. They were telling a solid story but they never seemed to capture the crowd. I enjoyed it however. It was a nice throwback to when guys worked holds.

After the match, Snow argued with the Head, called it a whore and attacked it with a series of elbows. He beat it into the buckles with the fans counting. Snow then nailed it with a superplex and walked off without it.

Axl Rotten vs. Balls Mahoney

They each came out with chairs but agreed to put them down in their respective corners. They began exchanging punches with the crowd going “Balls” and “Axl.” Balls got the better of the exchange, sending Rotten to the floor. He followed and nailed Rotten with a bottle of water. He grabbed a fan from a ringside fan and nailed Rotten with it. They battled up the aisle, hitting each other with weapons and punches.

They returned to the ring, where a ton of weapons were brought into the ring by Balls, including a cheese grater. He rammed Axl’s head with it. He choked Axl against the ropes and used the grater, busting him open. He then began using it on Axl’s arm. Axl fought back and used the grater on Balls’ face. Balls dared him to fight and Axl nailed him with a nerf bat embedded with tacks or nails.’

Rotten then used a small kid’s back covered in tacks on Balls’ arm. He wrapped a piece of metal around Balls’ head. Mahoney was bleeding from his head and arm. The crowd chanted for Rotten. Balls nailed Rotten with a sign, then grabbed his chair. He placed it on the mat to use. He grabbed Rotten and slammed him on the chair for a two count.

Rotten came back and nailed Mahoney in the head with the chair. Mahoney pulled himself up. Rotten killed him with another chairshot and DDT’d Mahoney on the chair for the pin.

Your winner, Axl Rotten!

Mahoney and Rotten had words after the match but finally embraced and hugged. The crowd cheered and chanted, “ECW”.

They sang “Big Balls” with the crowd.

We are going to intermission!

Angel of The Baldies came to the ring. Angel said that tonight was supposed to be about the legacy of ECW. He said that he’s tired of hearing about who was the best Tag Team champions. He’s tired of hearing about Taz, Raven and Sandman. He’s tired of hearing about Impact Players, Eliminators and Balls and Axl. He said that Baldies were the best team in ECW history. He said they were the baddest and its not their fault they were there at the end when the checks were bouncing like the Blue Meanie’s stomach. He said that he that if anyone wants to step to the plate and stand by him and prove who the baddest is, to come on out. The crowd chanted, “Shut the f*** up.”

The Gangsta’s music played and out they came to the biggest pop of the night. They trashed Angel. Jack laid something over his nether-regions and trashed him with a stick. He pulled out a claw that looked like Freddie Kruegers and dug it into Angel’s head. That got an ECW chant.

They pulled a table into the ring. Mustafa worked over Angel. They set him up on a table and were about to put him through it when Ruckus and Jeez hit the ring for save. They worked over the Gangstas. Jack fired back and brawled with Ruckus. Angel worked over Mustafa as Jeez and Ruckus worked over Jack. They finally walked off.

This looked like the start of a storyline. The angle didn’t get over at all as the fans were chanting for “refund” and booing it after. A fan threw water on Jeez on the way out and Jeez had to be held back from murdering him.

Extreme Reunion attempted to reach out to Devito and HC Loc to get them to team with Angel. Devito turned it down, citing health issues. Loc was called too late to make it to the show.

Pitbull Gary Wolfe (with Christina Vicious) vs. Raven.

Wolfe took the mic and says that everyone knows Pitbull 2. He said their brothers are watching above, especially Pitbull 2, waiting for him to kick the sh** out of Raven so let’s get it done. Raven came out with a new Flock, including a legitimately crippled guy who called him “Cripple H.” Raven began ripping on the legacy of ECW, saying reunions are for “f**s and morons.” He said that now ECW means “Extremely C**ty Wrestling.” The Flock attacked Wolfe. Raven said he came here to mock how pathetic everyone is for not moving on and living in the past. They all worked over Wolfe.

“Enter Sandman” began to play and out came Sandman for his grand entrance. The Flock beat the crap out of Wolfe. Sandman entered the ring and caned the entire Flock. He was laid out and beaten with by a muscular guy in the Flock. Wolfe and the muscle guy brawled. Wolfe hit a sitdown slam and pinned him.

Yes, Wolfe pinned someone not even in the match to win.

Raven said this was pathetic and he needed a new Flock. He walked out.

Sandman caned the hell out of Criple H and then he and Wolfe drank a bunch of beers.

Holy bait and switch Batman. Raven didn’t even work. WTF. They draw over 2000 fans and one of the top names on the show treats it like a joke and doesn’t work. Sad.

There was a small but noticeable “This show sucks”. Ouch.

Devon Storm vs. Jerry Lynn

Storm is better known as Crowbar. He did have an ECW run in 1996. He’s replacing Justin Credible, who was here but pulled off the show. I’ll have more on that later.

There was a HUGE “Save the show” chant.

They went back and forth, locking up and going back and forth with some nuce reversals. Lynn locked on an armbar. Storm reversed and they went back and forth working on the arm. Crowbar went to work on the leg but Lynn slipped out and grabbed a headlock. The fans chanted, “This is wrestling.”

Lynn whipped Storm into the corner. He nailed Storm and whippped him into the opposite corner. Storm reversed and went up and over but Lynn turned it into a flying headscissors, sending him to the outside. Lynn went for a sliding kick but Storm slipped out of the way and nailed him. He knocked Lynn off the apron to the floor and slammed him into the guard rail.

Back in the ring, Storm peppered him with a series of kicks to the chest and choked him against the ropes. Storm nailed a flying leg lariat. Lynn was locked in a chinlock but fired back with a series of elbows to the gut. Storm went for a back suplex but Lynn turned it into a bodypress for a two count. Storm nailed him and kicked him with a punting kick.

Lynn fired back with forearms but was nailed and whipped into the ropes. He charged Storm who went for a powerbomb but they tumbled over the ropes to the floor. They battled on the floor with stiff chops. Lynn did Flair mannerisms as they battled up the aisle. Storm grabbed a piece of guard rail and brought it to the ringside area. He bridged it between the ring and the guard rail.

Lynn grabbed a fan’s cane and hit Storm with it. They brawled around the ringside area. Homicide was out there. Storm trashed Lynn and tossed him into the ring. He went to use a chair but Lynn stomped his hands. Lynn went to nail him with it but Storm nailed him and hit a Northern Lights suplex on the chair for a two count.

They battled back and forth. Lynn nailed a tornado DDT on the chair for a two count. Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Storm nailed a double leg takedown and legdropped Lynn between the legs. They battled to the floor, where Storm nailed a standing vertical suplex through the guard rail. The crowd popped and chanted ECW.

Storm used a chair on Lynn on the outside. He placed Lynn on a table. He went to the ropes but Lynn nailed him with a chair and hit a top rope hurancanrana on the outside through a table on the floor. The crowd chanted, “Thank you Jerry.” They then chanted, “Thank you Crowbar.”

Back in the ring, Crowbar took control and set up two chairs facing each other, then another on top. He went for a move but Lynn reversed it into a suplex on the chair. Big ECW chair. Lynn nailed the cradle piledriver on two chairs for the pin.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

Huge chant for Lynn. Far and away the best match on the show. The crowd loved it because they gave them an ECW style match and brawl and highspots, which is all they wanted all night and never really got.

The crowd chanted, “That was awesome.”

Lynn took the mic and said, “No, No, you guys are f***ing awesome.” He noted that he was retiring at the end of the year and the crowd chanted No and told him that he’s still got it. He said it was his 24th year and he has to be smart and listen to his body. The crowd applauded. The crowd thanked him with chants. He told them that he thanked them. He said he was told 5-6 years ago to retire and he didn’t because he didn’t listen. He said that ECW fans were awesome and came to have fun and make it a party. He thanked them once again.

Far and away the best thing on the show. That was incredible. Both guys deserve a hell of a lot of credit.

Shane Douglas vs. TBA

Shane Douglas came out. The crowd chanted, “F*** you Shane” and “Refund.” Douglas told the crowd that he works them, not the other way around. Douglas said that unlike jackasses that lie to the fans, he will shoot. He said that Sabu was found unresponsive in his hotel room. He said that ECW never hid behind a bullsh** story and neither will Extreme Reunion.

Douglas name checked Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido and said that in ECW, whatever happened, they were a fraternity. He said that they were a family and family watches out for family. He said Sabu’s been rushed to the hospital and have heard nothing credible from the hospital. Douglas cut a promo about the night he tossed down the NWA title and beating 2 Cold Scorpio.

He said that if Scorpio would face him, he wanted to re-live that moment and see what could have been. Scorpio came to the ring with Bill Alfonso, who was brought in to manage Sabu as a surprise. So, that’s our main event.

They locked up and went back and forth then brawled on the floor. They brawled into the ring and out into the crowd. It was impossible to see what they were doing from my vantage point. The crowd didn’t like what was going on and chanted, “This is bullsh**.”

With Shane in the crowd, Scorpio went to the top and nailed a twisting bodypress to him on the floor. The crowd popped for that. They finally returned to the ring. Back in the ring, Douglas went for a piledriver but was backdropped over. Fans chanted, “Just retire.”

Scorp nailed a moonsault off the top and covered Shane for a two count. A masked man came to the ring. Douglas nailed a move on Scorpio for a two count. Douglas nailed Scorp. The masked man pulle th referee out of the ring and sent him into the ringpost. He entered the ring and went face to face with Douglas. Douglas told him to work over Scorp but instead he attacked Shane and unmasked, revealing Kevin Sullivan.

Scorp nailed Shane with a superkick and came off the top with a twisting frog splash. The referee rolled back in the ring and counted two but Douglas kicked out. Sullivan went to the back. Scorp nailed a flip legdrop for a two count. The crowd chanted, “F*** you Shane.”

Scorp nailed an Arabian Press for a two count. Douglas was bleeding from the lip. Scorp charged him in the corner but was kicked off. Douglas went for a piledriver but Scorpio nailed him with a series of combinations. Another masked man ran in. It was Tod Gordon. He hugged Scorpio. Shane hit a twisting sunset flip and pinned Scorpio.

Your winner, Shane Douglas!

Scorpio took the mic and said Douglas wasn’t sh**, then told Tod Gordon to kiss his black ass.

There’s not much a positive feeling from fans leaving.

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