WWE 24/7 Title

Full List of 24/7 Championship Changes at RAW Reunion


Tonight’s “RAW Reunion” edition of WWE Monday Night RAW saw quite a few title changes in regards to the 24/7 Championship. In fact the title changed hands a total of 9 times.

Prior to the show starting, Drake Maverick’s wife Renee Michelle vowed her husband would win the championship.

Renee was not wrong as Maverick would defeat R-Truth to reclaim the 24/7 Championship. However, that wouldn’t last long as Pat Patterson would win it after Maverick fell down in fear of the Boogeyman.

The title would then change hands from Patterson to his long time associate Gerald Briscoe.

From there it would end up in the hands of:

  • Kelly Kelly
  • Candice Michelle
  • Alundra Blayze


Alundra Blayze would attempt to re-create the controversial moment of throwing a title in the trash. However, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase would then buy the title from her paying homage to a moment in career.

As DiBiase would attempt to make his exit from the arena, Drake Maverick would be waiting inside his limousine and would successfully regain it back.

The continuous segments involving the 24/7 Championship would end with R-Truth fleeing with not only the title but Maverick’s wife.

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