Full List of Elimination Chamber Twitter Trends


Seth Rollins made his WWE TV debut tonight at the Elimination Chamber PPV in a video segment where several developmental talent were seen working out with John Cena. Rollins’ appearance in the video promo caused him to trend worldwide on Twitter, both under his current and previous ring name (Tyler Black).

Former WWE talent Eugene also trended on Twitter after Santino Marella was shown backstage in several Rocky-like videos training for his Elimination Chamber appearance. Eugene’s old theme music was playing in the background.

Check out the full list of WWE-related worldwide trends: #Chamber, Kofi Kingston, Punk and Kofi, Bye Kofi, Lion Tamer, WWE Champion, CM Punk, Eugene’s, Seth Rollins, Tyler Black, Tamina Snuka, Divas Championship, Beth Phoenix, Superfly Splash, Glam Slam, Johnny Ace, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Teddy Long, Cena vs. Kane, The Great Khali, Wade Barrett, World Heavyweight Champion, Khali, #Santino, Santino, US Championship, Jack Swagger, Justin Gabriel, US title, Ambulance Match, Kane vs Cena, Attitude Adjustment and Cena Wins.

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