Full List Of RAW Twitter Trends, Chris Masters Among Trends


David Otunga sparked 3 worldwide WWE-related trends during his Raw match against Santino Marella. Otunga himself trended and then Chris Masters and Wade Barrett also trended. Fans were comparing Otunga’s muscular physique to that of Masters’ and as Otunga made his entrance, he threw his suit jacket off in the style of Barrett.

Lord Tensai and Giant Bernard trended after a video promo aired for Matt Bloom (formerly known as A-Train), who will work under a new gimmick when he returns to WWE. Tensai will debut in WWE after Wrestlemania 28.

Stephanie McMahon trended after highlights of an anti-bullying presentation in a school were shown. Several WWE stars attended, including Stephanie, David Otunga and Big Show.

Mean Gene trended after Randy Orton was interviewed on the stage; a flashback to the old school days of Mean Gene’s interviews with superstars.

Full list of worldwide WWE-related trending topics on Twitter: Kane vs Big Show, Chris Masters, David Otunga, Wade Barrett’s, Santino’s, Lord Tensai, Giant Bernard, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry, The Miz, Stephanie McMahon, Vickie Guerrero, Randy Orton, Mean Gene, Vickie, Aksana, Triple H, Hell in a Cell and The Undertaker.

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