Full Rock/Cena Special Air Dates In UK, Bill Maher Note


The Rock and John Cena match at Wrestlemania 28 will be hyped in a special 1-hour show prior to Wrestlemania 28. The special will debut in the US on Monday night before Raw on the USA Network, but UK fans will get the special before then.

On Sky Sports 4, the 1-hour special will first air in the UK on Sunday March 25 at 11.55am. Several repeats will then be shown, check out the times and dates below. Note that the show will air on a standard Sky channel on March 31 – as opposed to Sky Sports.

March 25, Sunday – Sky Sports 4 – 11.55am

March 26, Monday – Sky Sports 3 – 11.00pm

March 28, Wednesday – Sky Sports 3 – 9.00am

March 28, Wednesday – Sky Sports 3 – 4.00pm

March 30, Friday – Sky Sports 3 – 2.00pm

March 31, Saturday – Sky Sports 3 – 9.00am

March 31, Saturday – Sky 1 – 1.00pm

Bill Maher told a joke that involved Wrestlemania 28 star The Undertaker last night on HBO’s Real Time. Check out what he had to say below.

“In Arizona, a state legislator wants a law where if a woman wants an abortion, she has to watch another woman get an abortion. Yeah, I know, they keep one-upping each other on what you have to do. By the end of the year you must defeat the World Wrestling star, the Undertaker!”

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