Full ROH Final Battle 2011 iPPV Results


Credit: Stuart Carapola and Pwinsider

– This was the first ROH iPPV not directed by Dave Lagana.

– Jim Cornette came out before the show started, thanking everyone for coming, announcing that they have set a record live gate, and this is expected to be seen by more people than any other ROH event.

– Michael Elgin defeated TJ Perkins with a sitout powerbomb.

“This was a HELL of a hot opener. Elgin looked like a monster here with the way he dominated Perkins. Crowd really got into the last few minutes and especially the spots where Elgin caught Perkins in midair with seemingly no effort.”

– Tommaso Ciampa defeated Jimmy Rave with a powerbomb over the knees.

“Solid match, Rave got a good reaction from the crowd and they told a good story where Rave had Ciampa’s number, but just had to deal with too many Embassy members and finally wound up on the receiving end of the tactics he used for so long as a member of the Embassy.”

– TV Title Match: Jay Lethal defeated El Generico vs Mike Bennett with the Tajiri Elbow.

“There was a lot going on here and it was a good solid win for Jay Lethal, who’s been on a real roll this year. Generico protested his elimination due to Bennett using the tights and looked frustrated as could be and stared at the TV Title belt like an ex-girlfriend who dumped him, but eventually picked it up and handed it to Lethal and shook his hand.”

– Kevin Steen defeated Steve Corino with a Package Piledriver on a four-chair platform in the middle of the ring. Due to the victory, Steen was reinstated in ROH.

“Steen takes the microphone and says he came here tonight to do three things: beat Corino and get his job back, number two…Steen drops the mic and gives Jimmy Jacobs a Package Piledriver. Cornette comes into the ring to check on the defenseless Jacobs, and I think we’re about to find out what number three is. Cornette starts to back off, and El Generico comes running out of the back to face off with his former partner. They have a tense staredown before going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Generico hits a running Yakuza Kick in the corner and goes for the top rope brainbuster, but Steen fights him off and hits a Package Piledriver off the top and through the timekeeper’s table. He rolled back into the ring and blew kisses to the crowd while they chanted “welcome back” at him.

Between the match and everything that happened afterward, this was easily the best thing on the show so far and one of the most violent brawls all year. Steen made his return in a big way, and it’ll be interesting to see what direction his career takes him in 2012.”


– Tag Team Contenders Gauntlet: The Young Bucks win after defeating All Night Express. The Bravado Brothers, Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman and Future Shock also participated.

“The Bucks continue the assault after the match as Nick hits another 450 splash and King comes running in with a chair to chase them off. There was a lot of great action, and it looks like they did an injury angle with Titus.”

— Roderick Strong and Truth Martini introduce the Roderick Strong Invitational. The challenge is answered by Chris Hero.

– Roderick Strong defeated Chris Hero with a leaping enziguiri.

“Not what I would have expected out of these two, Hero looked a bit off his game in this one and it was okay, but not of the standard these two have a reputation for setting.”

– ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe defeat Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin with the Doomsday Device.

“This was a great match that told a great story of a true battle of attrition where the Briscoes finally defeated the team that sought to take their spot atop the tag team division. The crowd was really into this one and went nuts when the Briscoes got the win.”

– ROH World Title Match: Davey Richards defeated Eddie Edwards with multiple kicks to the head.

“This was just an unbelievable fight, the abuse both guys took was just insane. Davey cuts a promo after the match saying that Jim Cornette told them that whoever won, he wanted them to go out and say the other guy was the toughest man he ever faced, but Davey didn’t have to say it because we just saw it.”

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