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Further Context on AEW’s TV Deal with TNT



Courtesy of the Twitter of John McMullen of ESPN FM and Fox Sports Radio we now have further insight into the mega-deal between All Elite Wrestling and WarnerMedia to are weekly programming on TNT.

Currently, there are no rights fees being paid to AEW. It is being compared to Old School WWE in that there is a great advertising split for AEW but there are no rights fees.

Vince McMahon did not get rights fees for his television until much later in the tenure of WWE and Monday Night Raw:

Context of #AEWonTNT AEW TV Deal — Platform is amazing and this is an unprecedented deal for a start-up. Confirmed from a source on the television side there are no rights fees but as we have been saying here for weeks that should not have been expected…
…It’s being treated like a sports property so production fees are there and a “great” advertising split for AEW. Remember, it took @VinceMcMahon nearly 20 years of producing highly-rated television before he got a somewhat significant rights deal…
…from Viacom at the turn of the century. The monster deal took over 35 years. TNA/Impact once had Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Randy Savage and couldn’t get this kind of platform. It’s an amazing deal that those in @AEWrestling are ecstatic about…
…If it comes across as flat to some that’s because they were expecting rights fees due to some shoddy reporting. Right now #AEW is set up like old #WWE where PPV numbers and advertising will be significant to growth. #WWE remains idiot-proof because of TV deal

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