Thursday, June 20, 2024
NewsFurther Reports on Triple H's Frustration with Vince McMahon

Further Reports on Triple H’s Frustration with Vince McMahon



According to a report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H is indeed growing very frustrated with the way things are going down on the main roster.

Never voicing his opinion publicly, Triple H aka Paul Levesque tries to pick his spots when talking to the longtime head of WWE.

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The report notes that one of the issues isn’t Vince McMahon’s lack of listening, but rather, that he’s listening too much, and changes things because he’s too open to suggestions.

Regarding Vince McMahon’s children, Shane and Stephanie, the report notes that Stephanie has nothing to do with creative and Shane McMahon will try to pitch ideas for himself; but they do not get used.

You can read more about the reported backstage frustration currently plaguing WWE by clicking here.

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