Gabe Saplosky Talks D-Bryan & Connecting With Fans


Following last night’s RAW, Gabe Sapolsky posted the following on his Facebook…


Bryan being that over on the last segment of Raw wasn’t just because of “family” or his hometown. It proves that if you CONNECT and do business on the independents, you’ll connect and can do business with an audience anywhere, including WWE and national TV. I’m not just talking about being “over” on the indies, I’m talking about carrying a promotion and doing business, just like Bryan did, just like Punk did, just like Generico did, just like Kevin Steen does and just like Johnny Gargano is doing now for DGUSA/EVOLVE. If you have it, you have it, and that transcends audiences. Maybe it’s not the guy that fits the mold the booker/writers/office wants, but you are foolish if you ignore that connection. I shouldn’t complain, we are lucky to be able to book Chris Hero and The Young Bucks on the upcoming EVOLVE cards in Florida due to the ignorance of a few. Thank you.

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