Gabe Sapolsky Claims Wrestlers Must Forge An Emotional Connection With Fans


On January 6, 2022, WWE released Gabe Sapolsky alongside several members of Paul Levesque’s team.

On September 23, 2022, Sapolsky re-signed with WWE and joined the creative team under the leadership of Triple H.


Sapolsky, who has also held various creative and marketing positions in the wrestling business, believes that wrestlers must form a personal and emotional connection with fans in order to make it to the grand stage.

During a recent interview with Wrestling With Honor, Sapolsky shared his thoughts on the wrestling industry in 2022 and beyond.

“That is an interesting question. I feel we have seen so much great athleticism and breath taking moves that they don’t have the same effect on fans that they used to. I still feel these elements are important. However, now it is especially important to connect emotionally with the fans. The fans need to feel good about supporting you. I can’t emphasize that enough They need a connection to a wrestler. There’s so many tools to do this now that we didn’t used to have. I believe the wrestling industry will be very healthy moving forward with the demand for live TV. I just believe wrestlers, especially on the indies, need to build that personal and emotional connection to be successful. I am very excited about where Triple H takes WWE creative. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Sapolsky also touched on his current role in WWE before signing off.

“I love my current job with WWE so I will continue to be the best I can at it and available for whatever comes up in the future. love the independents and the wrestlers on the independents and will try to help however I can.”

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