Gabe Sapolsky: ‘Without WWE, EVOLVE Wouldn’t be Running’


In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Gabe Sapolsky spoke about the relationship that EVOLVE has with WWE NXT. Gable went so far as to say without WWE and NXT’s help, there may not be an EVOLVE currently running:

“I’ll just say it: We wouldn’t be running EVOLVE shows right now if it wasn’t for the WWE support. I always say if your promotion isn’t adding something to the marketplace—if you are running just to have shows, but offer nothing different to the fans—then I don’t see the purpose in running. There’s no reason for the fans to support you. We needed the competitive advantage that WWE is giving us. They value the pipeline of talent from the independents. It’s a win-win relationship. I am extremely grateful that we are able to deliver these unique cards with an incredible mix of talent to the fans.”

Gabe about spoke about working underneath creative mastermind Paul Heyman, and what he learned from Paul that he still applies today:

“Bringing something different to the marketplace, that’s a Paul Heyman concept. Heyman is a master of always evolving, so really the whole philosophy of EVOLVE being a promotion that constantly moves forward is something I learned from Heyman.
What worked yesterday might not work today, you always have to stay ahead of the curve. Those are all Heyman lessons. Those are all things we strive to do in EVOLVE whether it’s the talent on the roster, the card format, the wrestling style, or any other aspect of the promotion.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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