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NewsGabe Sapolsky Says Triple H & WWE Saved EVOLVE In 2016, More

Gabe Sapolsky Says Triple H & WWE Saved EVOLVE In 2016, More



Gabe Sapolsky was released from WWE on Wednesday during the NXT and Performance Center staff cuts.

Sapolsky took to Twitter and commented on his time in pro wrestling and WWE. He also thanked the fans for always supporting him and EVOLVE. He said,

“I’ve said what I needed to say on here today. I want to make one thing clear. I always loved and appreciated everyone who supported us. When I did my lectures I always said you need to cherish the fact that people watching you wrestle or attending your show are giving you their leisure time and money. There are few things more valuable then leisure time and money. People work for these moments of enjoyment. The moment you stop cherishing that fact, you should quit. I’ve always cherished it from day one in ECW in 1993 to last Tuesday. I’ll stick around on this app today and might respond to some tweets. Then I need to focus on my future and it’s not going to come from anything on here. Thank you all. Love you.”

Sapolsky responded to a fan who said he “traded his company and respect of his peers for like 3.5 years of WWE employment”. He replied with the following,

“Another narrative that is so wrong. HHH and WWE saved EVOLVE, put it on a bigger platform and hired about half the roster during a pandemic. EVOLVE would have died in 2016 otherwise.

This also doesn’t include all the people who were hired or given tryouts before the pandemic. I’m very proud of the connection we built from the indies to WWE. I understand why the diehard indie fans will think I’m a traitor for that, but I also know they won’t be there for their favorite indie talent when they are 40-50 years old and broken down. There is a time in a wrestler’s career to be artistic and free and then there is a time to make money and set up their family for generations.

This is coming from a guy who lived paycheck to paycheck in ROH, was fired close to 40 and was broke, had a mortgage and baby. This is why I fought for indie talent to get to WWE one day. I didn’t want to see it happen to anyone I liked and believed in.

And it took a pandemic to kill EVOLVE.”

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