Gabe Sapolsky Speaks On EVOLVE’s Relationship With WWE, Johnny Gargano, More


WWNLive Vice President of Talent Relations Gabe Sapolsky recently blogged over at Sports Illustrated. Here are the highlights.

On EVOLVE’s relationship with WWE:


“The last year has seen a mind-blowing relationship develop between EVOLVE and WWE/NXT. The progressive attitude of Triple H has led the way for one unprecedented happening after another. From EVOLVE footage being seen on WWE Network to WWN Seminars with NXT trainers and talent evaluators to WWE contracted talent like Sami Zayn, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable and Tommy End making appearances at EVOLVE—to Triple H himself coming to a live event to tweet a buzzworthy photo—this support has strengthened the independent undercurrent.”

On Johnny Gargano:

“Johnny Gargano took us on a journey in two WWN promotions in Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. He started in 2009 on the preshow, worked his way up to the main card, then into main events. Gargano became a champion and eventually was known as ‘The WWN Icon’. He worked harder, improved his craft, and rose to the occasion each step along the way. Now that he and the others on that list have moved on, it’s time to see who will take us on that journey next.”

On Jeff Cobb:

“Former Olympian Jeff Cobb is finally coming to EVOLVE. I’ve wanted to bring Cobb to EVOLVE since I first saw him 2014. He and current EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher were both standouts in Northern California in 2014. We could only afford to bring one in. We went with Thatcher, who is out this weekend with injury. Now our WWE relationship has improved our standing to where we can also bring in Cobb.”

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