Gable Steveson Calls Brock Lesnar His “Dream Opponent”


WWE Superstar and Olympic medalist Gable Steveson was recently interviewed on Arial Helwani’s MMA Hour podcast as he spoke about WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, saying that Lesnar would be his “dream opponent”.

You can check out the interview highlights below:

On Lesnar calling him after he became an NCAA Champion: “He was one of the first. Immediately. He said ‘great job’ and was congratulating me on my good interview too. He said I had a really good interview, which I was proud to hear. I’m working on just my talking skills and making sure that I can take things off of me and put it on other people. I would hate to go on an ESPN interview or this type of interview and say that, ‘I’m the best. I’m the greatest American heavyweight to ever wrestle.’ I would rather tell you that I would have another person do that instead of me and say that, ‘I love kids that would be better than me. And anybody else who wants to do what I do, they can do better too.’”

On possibly trying MMA: “There is a chance I do step into the MMA ring. I like to challenge myself in all aspects and the Brock route is what I plan to take right now, and I think just learning from him and learning his steps is gonna help me succeed to the maximum potential. I think there is that chance to step in the octagon and I think I would be really good with the right training and the right support system around me. So I’m just gonna leave that chapter open and maybe we’ll write it, maybe we won’t.”

On his dream opponents: “A dream matchup that I’ve been wanting for a long time, obviously, Brock Lesnar, you know? Brock is Minnesota great. One-time national champ, two-time finalist. He lost to Stephen Neal in, I think, 2000 or something like that. Brock Lesnar is the match I want. And obviously, he probably knows that and he’s getting ready for that too. When that time comes, it’s going to be a great time, you know? It’s going to sell bigger than probably him and Roman Reigns. But Brock don’t have two national titles. He don’t have Olympic gold. So my stats right now at his age, if we put him at 21 and me at 21, my stats are maybe just a little better besides him being a physical specimen and being on an NFL team. But, who knows? That time’s gonna come and when that time comes, we gonna welcome him with open arms like everything else.”

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