Gable Steveson Says He Needs To Speak With Chad Gable Regarding His Name


Gable Steveson was recently interviewed on MMA Hour as he spoke about wanting to have a future conversation with WWE Superstar Chad Gable in regards to keeping his name once he officially debuts in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On competing in amateur wrestling: “For now, I’m done. For now, I’m gonna focus on WWE, go to WrestleMania, do all those things. But like I said, for now, you know? I know that competitive itch is going to come back and who knows, it may be at the 2024 Olympic tryouts when I show up again. But I do feel like I will put the shoes back on, just not for a little bit.”

On keeping his name in WWE: “I’ll be just Gable. Gable Steveson.”

On Chad Gable still having his name: “We’re gonna have to have a talk with him. I mean, I don’t when I’m gonna even talk to him. It could be WrestleMania, it could be somewhere else. I’m just not sure. You can’t (have two Gables). You can’t but right now we do. So there might have to be a little switcharoo. I don’t know, but I love Chad too. He’s a cool dude.”

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