Gable Steveson Says Vince McMahon Reached Out To Get Him To Join WWE


Gable Steveson said in an interview with The Sun that Vince McMahon has reached out to him personally in order to get him to come to the WWE. 

Steveson will be in attendance at Saturday’s SummerSlam. 


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On possibly joining WWE: “I haven’t really thought about what’s next. I told everybody I was going to come home and sit down for a little bit and just relax myself and just pick what’s best for me and what’s next. I could go for double gold in 2024, I could see Vince McMahon – who has reached out to me personally to go out there to do WWE. Or I could go see Dana White. I mean, even the [Minnesota] Vikings gave me a message. The options are open, my doors are open.”

On keeping his options open: “I’m gonna pick the best option. But as of right now, I’m not sure. I’m gonna keep searching. I have the world to explore and I’m just gonna step my foot in that door and open it all and explore myself.”

On attending SummerSlam: “I’m most definitely a huge wrestling fan. I was at Wrestlemania and in a week, I’ll be at Summerslam being on camera and doing what I do best. And that’s to look good.”

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