Gail Kim Says Impact Wrestling Has Asked Her About Coming Out Of Retirement


Gail Kim revealed during a virtual meet and greet for The Asylum Wrestling Store (via Post Wrestling) that Impact Wrestling has asked her about possibly coming out of retirement for another match.

She last worked against Tessa Blanchard at Rebellion in 2019.

“I feel fortunate to be able to do that [produce] because I think that if I didn’t have this role, I would probably be like, ‘Do I need to come back to the ring and wrestle?’ It gives me my fulfillment. It really, truly does and they did ask me to come out of retirement again. I actually agree with you [that the match with Tessa Blanchard can’t be topped]. It’s a once in a generation talent like her who comes along number one, and they built the story so great. I said, ‘You really need to put the time into the storyline’ and they did and they really gave me everything I really hoped for and I couldn’t have asked for anything better so, I don’t wanna ruin that, right?”

She continued, “You know, it would probably have to be — because of my back, it’s just my back. It’s pretty bad. It would have to be the right opponent. It would have to be even — you know, because I had such a good close to my career, I don’t wanna mess that up, because I’m like, ‘Why would I go back and take the chance of ruining my last match?’ And I really don’t wanna do that so it’d be a big, big risk for me and I get to just be backstage with IMPACT and work with the Knockouts right now and that gives me fulfillment. I’m very passionate about that so…”

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