Gail Kim Says Paige Is Welcome To Wrestle For Impact


Paige departed from WWE on July 7th and left a goodbye message to those who supported her throughout the journey. Many have wondered where the former Divas Champion will end up now that she’s no longer under contract.

While she isn’t cleared to compete, Paige has said that she’s itching to get back into the ring. One person who has offered her a chance to wrestle for another promotion is legendary women’s wrestler Gail Kim.

Speaking with Steve Fall Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Gail Kim was asked whether she could see Paige wrestling for IMPACT wrestling. According to the former Knockouts Champion, the choice is up to Paige.

“Never say never. I love Paige. I admire everything that she’s done for women’s wrestling. She also came up kind of in that period where, maybe, it was so powerful — like what it is now — women’s wrestling is probably at its best right now. Main eventing pay-per-view shows, it’s not an irregular thing for that to happen. Paige was part of that process. I have nothing but respect for her in and outside of the ring, and hey, if she wants to come over to IMPACT Wrestling, I feel like the door’s open. So, come on over, Paige.”

Current Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace has stated that she wants to wrestle Paige. The former NXT star also hinted at possibly going to AEW. Paige has a lot of options in an era that has seen women make significant strides in wrestling.

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