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Gail Kim Says She Had No Idea Awesome Kong Was Going To Retire At NWA EmPowerrr


During a recent appearance on the “Battleground Podcast”, Gail Kim commented on Awesome Kong’s retirement at NWA EmPowerrr, not knowing it was going to happen, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the idea came together for her to be in the ring during Awesome Kong’s retirement at NWA EmPowerrr: “You know, it really started with just me coming on board at first. Mickie asked me and numerous amount of women to be a part of that and I said, as long as IMPACT is cool with it, of course. I always want to support all the women in this business and Mickie is a go-getter and a legend in her own right, an incredible woman. I knew the passion behind the project that she had and then I really didn’t even know what they wanted me to do besides produce at that point. She said, ‘Maybe you come out and cut a promo.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, sure, no problem.’ I would say, probably a week after that, she informed me about Kia accepting. Wrestling has always been one of those things that I actually get really emotional about. I always tell the story that my husband gets mad because I didn’t cry at our wedding but I’ll cry or anything wrestling that moves me.

“So when she said, she just, she said she never got that final moment with you to say thank you. I started I was like, I’m feeling emotional already. I got really super excited. Honestly, I didn’t know she was gonna stay in the ring that night. I found out at the same time as all the fans watching that she was retiring. Yeah, Mickie and I both. So, it was kind of a shock. That’s what I wanted to and that’s why I said, I don’t even want to talk about what I’m going to say or whatever it is because I wanted it to be organic and authentic and it truly was, and I could….I think in wrestling, we already all have a brotherhood and a sisterhood. But when you share that kind of magic with someone, you just have that bond, a special bond that you always hold dear. I will always cherish her as a person, as a human, as a fellow wrestler. I will always have that respect and love for her.”

On the lack of all-women’s shows in wrestling: “When you’re not a woman and you have this formula that you always thought was successful, you’ve gotta kind of move with the times. I feel like the generation of the Golden Era, which was Trish, Jazz, Ivory, Victoria, all those girls – they inspired me to become a wrestler. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the tail end of that. You can see how many women are getting inspired. There are so many talented female wrestlers there are now just in the growth and how many great female wrestlers. We always put the pressure on ourselves….I don’t know why certain people don’t believe that it can be successful. I think Mickie did a great job of showing that it can be a success. It really can. Just seeing how a show is produced from a women’s point of view made a difference because I think the emotional parts of the show are really what people remember. Those are ultimately what you take away from that wrestling – like what I watched as a kid with what Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage made me feel. You’ll always carry those and remember those feelings, and not necessarily all the crazy moves that someone is gonna do.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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