​Gawker Founder Reacts To The Hulk Hogan Lawsuit & Appeal + Recent WWE Attendance #’s


Gawker founder Nick Denton recently spoke with the BBC regarding the company’s appeal of the $140 million judgment against it in the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit. Denton says he is “confident that when this case comes before judges in a higher court that people will find again there is a place for critical journalism and it deserves to be protected. There are substantial protections for the free press in the United States and there’s protection for criticism…[Gawker] has written a lot of stories, broken a lot of stories and annoyed a lot of powerful people.”

Regarding Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel funding the lawsuit, Denton said, “My guess is that he has been more upset by the mockery of his political views,” Denton said. “He is a supporter of Donald Trump, he is a libertarian, he resists the interference by terrestrial governments.”

Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* May 26th in Lakeland, FL for WWE NXT drew a sellout of 350 fans
* May 27th in Cocoa Beach, FL for NXT drew 250 fans
* May 27th in Springfield, IL drew 2,600 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* May 28th in Peoria, IL drew 2,200 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* May 28th in Winnipeg drew 6,000 fans (Dean Ambrose tour with Chris Jericho)
* May 29th in Madison, WI drew 2,300 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* May 29th in LaCrosse, WI drew 3,500 fans (Ambrose tour)
* May 30th in Green Bay for RAW drew a sellout of 8,000 fans

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