GCW Requests To Be Released From Their Contract With IWTV (Updated)


UPDATE: GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale took to Twitter, providing some additional information on the situation. He said,

“Re: ownership of masters: There is nothing in any contract that states IWTV/SMV assumes ownership of masters. Furthermore, when I inquired on this less than 1 year ago, IWTV ownership re-confirmed that GCW owned the masters of every show it paid for. (99% of them)

Much in the same sense as an any wrestler or business asks to be released from a contract, we are asking for the same. We are NOT asking for people to cancel subscriptions and will not do so. There are a lot of wrestlers and companies that benefit from the platform.

We are at an impasse and things have been very frustrating for everyone. I am still hoping things can be worked out and everyone can win. I just want a fair/better arrangement for GCW, its wrestlers and its crew.”


ORIGINAL: GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) took to Twitter today, requesting to be released from their contract with Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV). The company tweeted the following,

“Game Changer Wrestling is formally requesting to be released from our IWTV contract.

This request comes with sadness and regret, but also with the knowledge that there is apparently no other option.

Thank you everyone for your support.


Promoter Brett Lauderdale took to Twitter as well, saying,

“Wrestling promoters – what if I told you that you don’t own or aren’t entitled to your masters?


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