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GCW’s Brett Lauderdale Accused Of Ordering Fake COVID-19 Tests So He Could Run Shows



GCW owner Brett Lauderdale has been accused of ordering fake negative COVID-19 test results so he could put on shows during the pandemic. Independent wrestler “Dirty” Ron McDonald made the accusations via his social media page on Wednesday.

McDonald alleged that Lauderdale asked “us to make a ton of fake false negative COVID-19 tests.” According to McDonald, this was so Lauderdale could run shows between October 2020 and January 2021. McDonald would accompany his post with several images appearing to show conversations between him and Lauderdale, with the latter requesting the tests.

McDonald’s full expletive-filled post on the matter reads as follows,

“F**k Brett Lauderdale. Brett ran tons of shows during covid bc he GOT US TO MAKE A TON OF FAKE FALSE NEGATIVE Covid-19 tests.

Brett made his money off the backs of guys like Nick Gage while paying him peanuts and “handling” Gage’s social media & bookings.

Who did Brett ever make famous? Joey “I’m a F*****rd” Janela? Joey got famous for being tossed off a building and got a contract. Once AEW realized he had no talent, they benched, and eventually didn’t resign him. Why? Bc he’s a f**kin unsafe dip s**t who can’t light a limb on [fire].

Brett doesn’t get anyone a contract. Brett doesn’t give his wrestlers a raise. How can u be an OUTLAW when you’re suckin Stephanie McMahon’s d**k backstage at WrestleMania on COMPS she gave you?

** ASK Atticus Cooper why he won’t work for Brett
** ASK Mike Gevorgian why he quit working for Brett

Now Brett walks into every town in America and promises all the local indie talent that he can “make them a star,” when he really just underpays them and gets them to cancel their local bookings to get on GCW’s YouTube show. NOW, these indie guys can fly themselves out to get into AEW’s YouTube show and go back to their local promoters and ask for $200/match.

How do the rest of the GCW guys that came up with Brett feel that their $50 – $100 pay days (which were promised to be raised) are now used on guys like JEFF JARRETT and KEVIN NASH while the GCW talent pay for their own rental cars and hotels? Why? Bc f**k Brett Lauderdale.

– I found Brett his first venue in LA
– My people made over 50 fake COVID test results so he could runs shows during the pandemic (Oct 2020 – Jan 2021)
– I paid talent, paid for accommodations, and split some costs so he could bring “his guys” to the LA area 8/8/19, 11/7/19, 10/17/20, and then when I brought them in Sept 2021, Brett told his guys I was “cheap” and they all told me about it in Dec 2021 when I brought them again.
– Brett had my FIST guys pick up Deathmatch stuff, drive wrestlers around, and do everything he needed in the hopes that we would get the “rub” one day to find that we’d been back doored by another “local SoCal school” so the toothless p**sy could get gigs.

F**k Brett Lauderdale. BRETT IS A F**KIN TWAT. He started a Deathmatch promotion that turned into Sesame Street. BRETT LAUDERDALE is just DJ HYDE who was too big of a p**sy to ever step into a ring.”

In the time since these allegations were first made, Sean Ross Sapp reached out to Brett Lauderdale on the matter. Lauderdale’s response was simply, “I’ve referred this matter to my lawyer and as much as I’d like to comment, I’ve been advised not to.”

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