Gedo Speaks On Kazuchika Okada Being The Best Wrestler In History, Chris Jericho, More


Head booker of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Gedo, recently spoke with Here are the highlights.

On New Japan’s world champion Kazuchika Okada:


“Okada has everything, and he is the best wrestler in the history of wrestling,” said Gedo. “Not New Japan history, I’m talking the world. He’s better than Antonio Inoki, better than Giant Baba, and better than Choshu Riki. He already has ten years of wrestling because he started at 15 years old, and he’s still so young. He’s like The Rock. He has good looks, can talk, and can fight.”

On Chris Jericho:

“Chris Jericho has a great mind,” said Gedo. “I’ve known him for a long time, and he is different than a lot of other guys. He is always looking for something, trying something new. He’s always thinking and has that mental edge. He is very smart.”

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