Gedo Speaks On The Differences Between WWE And NJPW, Paul Heyman, Kenny Omega


Head booker of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Gedo, recently spoke with Here are the highlights.

On the differences between WWE and NJPW:

“WWE has characters, and it’s not that big a deal,” noted Gedo. “You need characters that people can understand and like, but that’s not as important as skill. Characters are different in the United States than they are in Japan. Skill and fighting spirit are most important, much more than character, in Japan. Ultimately, my most important thing is my partner, Jedo. I choose to stay with my partner.”

On Paul Heyman:

“I respect Paul Heyman,” said Gedo. “He has many, many good ideas—ideas that make money. Other wrestlers didn’t understand that his ideas would make them money, but I understood that.

On Kenny Omega:

“Kenny Omega has everything,” said Gedo. “I think he’s better than AJ Styles. He’s so good and one of the best in the world—and he’s unbelievably physical. Kenny Omega is no longer a junior heavyweight, he’s one of the best. Sometimes wrestlers break weight class, but that is a good thing to happen. Look at boxing and UFC—weight classes are very strict. Sometimes junior heavyweight guys break into the heavyweights in wrestling, and that is special.”

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