Gene Okerlund Shaves Off Mustache, Vickie Remembers Eddie


— As a reminder, CM Punk vs. John Cena is the main event of tonight’s WWE RAW telecast. Referee Brad Maddox vs. Ryback also takes place on the show. If Brad Maddox wins, he receives a “$1 million dollar contract”.


— Vickie Guerrero tweeted the following today regarding tomorrow being the seven year anniversary of her husband Eddie Guerrero’s death: “I have been feeling “off” with many emotions. Tomorrow will be 7 years since Eddie’s passing. I wish I was home with my girls”

— Kevin Sullivan, author of the newly released WWE Encyclopedia, noted on Twitter last week during a visit to WWE’s television studio in Stamford, Connecticut that legendary announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund has shaved off his trademark mustache. The WWE Hall of Famer hosts the company’s internationally broadcast Vintage Collection show as well as programs on WWE Classics On Demand.

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