Gerald Brisco Comments On The Bullying Accusations Against JBL


During a recent appearance on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Gerald Brisco commented on the bullying accusations that have made against JBL over the years. According to Brisco, JBL has a “kind heart” and thinks the reports are exaggerated. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the accusations that JBL is a bully: “JBL is one of those entertaining guys. John kind of gets categorized into this category of being a bit of a bully and all that. But he’s one of the most kind-hearted guys that you can ever come across. The stuff that he did for rugby, he moved over to the island of Bermuda. He started a rugby league there and he actually had guys who started from when they were kids and now these guys are playing division one college rugby. Now he’s gone into Memphis with the inner-city kids there and he does fundraising. He bought over 500 computers last year for these inner-city kids when everybody had to do this virtual learning. Not all these kids had access to computers and everything. This club that he formed, he made sure through his fundraising ability that everybody had a computer. Everybody was on an equal basis. Not only did they have a computer, but they had people there that could instruct them on how to use it. John is just a wonderful person. We are both positive people, once you get to know John and know his kind heart.”


On their podcast: “We started out in the pandemic when everybody was locked in at home. I started doing road stories with Brisco. I would never tell anything negative because I’m not a negative person, I don’t like to live that lifestyle, I don’t like to run from people when you talk negative about them. JBL is the same way. I ran out of stuff so I started this other deal, Brisco’s big announcement. It was all based on fun stuff, trying to put a smile on people’s faces is all we were trying to do. JBL was doing the same thing. Of course, it kind of ran its course and we were kind of looking at it. One day I got a call from John and he said, ‘we are both doing the same thing, let’s do a show together.’ So we just said, ‘okay, let’s do it.’ I hate when they say a shoot interview,” Brisco admitted. “If you’re going to shoot with somebody, to me that’s physical, that’s not verbal. If I’ve got an issue with somebody, it’s to their face, it’s not hiding behind a camera somewhere. So I hate that term, ‘shoot interview.’ So right away, what we are not going to do is shoot interviews. Like the little logo we’ve got, the pickup truck driving through West Texas with a little country music playing. We want you to feel like you’re in the backseat of your car. Or, in the dressing room next to Mark Henry, and telling these stories backstage to entertain the guys. Not only the legendary stories, but the legends who made those legendary stories are telling those stories. So we just have a good time.”

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