Gerald Brisco Comments On WWE Release, Kennel From Hell Match


Former longtime WWE agent and Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco was released by the company in September after originally being furloughed back in April.

In an interview The Tampa Bay Times, Gerald Brisco discussed being released by WWE.


“I’m okay with it. The way I see it, I earned a break.”

Brisco gave some of the reasons why he enjoyed his road agent role, even with some of the unique matches. He specifically mentioned the Kennel From Hell Match between Big Boss Man and Al Snow in 1999.

“That one was a mess. But I knew it would be and that is why I took it. I always took the most difficult matches because I felt like my job was safe if it went wrong. I didn’t want someone else to get in trouble.”

Gerald Brisco went on to discuss his potential next move.

“I don’t want to drive my wife crazy. I don’t know. Maybe watch more sports?” He also discussed potentially writing a book. “I do have a lot of stories to tell.”

Brisco also insinuated that his career in the wrestling business behind the scenes is far from over. He said,

“I’ve been around the world. And I’ve gotten to help build the WWE into an empire from the ground floor. I’m good.”

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