GFW Impact Results – 9/7/17


    Welcome to the GFW Impact results page. Keep the spoilers and politics to yourself please.

    Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams def Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. Good, fast-paced match. The end came when Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Caleb Konley followed by Sonjay Dutt hitting a flying splash off the top rope.


    LAX squashed a couple of jobbers. After the match, O.V.E. came out and challenged them for the titles. Konnan says it’ll happen in Tiajuana in the Crash promotion.

    Sienna & Taryn Terrell def Gail Kim & Allie. Taryn spent a lot of time tagging out whenever Gail would make her way to her feet. The end came when Allie went to the top rope. KM pulled her down and Braxton Sutter battled with him to the back. Allie hit a flying cross body to Sienna but she rolled over and hooked the legs for the three count.

    After the match, Taryn and Sienna beat down Allie. Gail made the save but they beat her down. Rosemary came out and took the fight to both Taryn and Sienna but the numbers game got the better of them. Taya Valkyre made her debut. She made a grand entrance and faced off with Sienna. She turned and attacked Rosemary and hit front powerbomb as a finisher. She posed in the ring with Sienna and Taryn while Gail helped Rosemary out of the ring.

    Jim Cornette comes to the ring and cuts a promo. He says he’s betting on Matt Sydal to walk out of here the new GFW Champion. Johnny Impact comes out. He says he wants the winner. LAX comes out and Low Ki gets in Impact’s face while Konnan gets in Cornette’s face and tells him he’s screwing Low Ki. Cornette says Low Ki has to wait his turn. Low Ki and Impact start fighting. LAX jumps Impact. Security breaks it up.

    Backstage, Jim Cornette announces Low Ki vs Johnny Impact in a #1 Contender’s match next week.

    Footage of AAA Triplemania is shown. Lots and Lots of footage.

    Eli Drake def Matt Sydal to retain the GFW World Championship. Matt Sydal took him to the limit. The end came when Sydal was setting up for the Shooting Star. But Adonis got on the apron so Sydal delivered and flying knee to him, knocking him down. With the ref’s back turned, Eli Drake hit Sydal with the belt when he climbed back up the ropes. He delivered his finisher for the three count.




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