PROGRESS Wrestling Star Gisele Shaw Wants To Face Sasha Banks, More


PROGRESS Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw recently did a media call and commented on her desire to challenge WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

On her match with Kanji for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship main eventing PROGRESS Chapter 111: “The woman’s main event is such a huge step going forward when it comes to wrestling. It’s not heard of a lot of time, but this match is a huge match because it is for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship. But it is a bigger match for Kanji because she gets to face me. Before me in PROGRESS, the women’s division was so-so. When I came to PROGRESS, look where we are now. We’re getting WWE. We’re getting all this media. We’re getting all this hype. It’s because of the kind of caliber a wrestler that I am. So you know what Kanji, you’re welcome that you’re also getting the spotlight. It’s my spotlight, but I’m kind enough to share that spotlight with you.”

On WWE working with PROGRESS: “Of course, it’s an amazing deal. I’ve grown up wanting to become a WWE Superstar, wanting to be on The Network, and we’re being given this opportunity. And I’ve been ready since day one. I’ve cultivated my sport, and I need to make sure that when this opportunity comes, that I’m prepared for it.

On wanting to face Sasha Banks in PROGRESS: “I’d like to add, my people told me that apparently Sasha Banks wants to come to PROGRESS, and if we can make that happen, then you know what, I’m open to a singles match. I’m open to a triple threat, doesn’t matter to me. Get that out there”

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