Goldberg Discusses His Super ShowDown Match with The Undertaker


Fresh off of what many people would consider a redeeming match with Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, Bill Goldberg joined Booker T’s podcast to discuss his match with The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown:

“Man, I ain’t gonna make excuses, that’s for sure, I’m just gonna answer questions and give facts. Facts are that the reason why I did that match and took that opportunity because it was an opportunity of a lifetime, whether I was 22, 52 or 102. Not that it was in Saudi Arabia, that it was against Undertaker and he was a guy I’ve never crossed paths with. The heat I knew going in it was going to be hot, but in two-a-days in Georgia, playing for the Falcons or playing for the Bulldogs or playing wherever, the Rams out in LA, man it’s hotter than hell and you know it’s going to be hot. It’s one of those things you accept, but had like the perfect storm of crappiness, you know, for me. People don’t know all the things that go into everything, right? At 52, going against Taker, being Goldberg in the short period of time that I had, I could either do one of two things: I could get in good shape or I could get as big as humanly possible so I don’t look like an old Goldberg next to Undertaker. So it’s a compromise, it’s always a compromise. This last time though I didn’t need that cardio, man, I didn’t concentrate on getting big at all in the four weeks that I had. I just tried to get in shape. I didn’t try to add a pound, I tried to lose weight this time.”

(h/t: Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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