Goldberg Reveals Why He Didn’t Pursue An MMA Career, More


During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg commented about once having a dream to pursue MMA, and more. He said,

“If you know anything about my background when it comes to MMA, I had one of largest MMA gyms in the country back in the late ’90s. That was a dream of mine. I think my stand up skills would have played well, no question because a lot of people have no idea as to what I’ve done in the past. But, I’d be lacking in the ground game, there’s no doubt — and the problem with a guy like myself is I’d end up hurting myself more so than getting hurt by the other person. I’ll break a hand on someone’s face! I’ll blow my shoulder out trying to choke somebody! At the end of the day, I’m my own worst enemy! So the longwinded answer is absolutely I would have loved to have done it if the opportunity was such that it was comparable, if not more advantageous, in the world of professional wrestling. But, at the time, it was a no-brainer for me.”

Goldberg also gave UFC fighter Dustin Poirier some high praise, saying, “He’s from Lafayette Louisiana, it’s a great story and I just hope people understand — I’ve said many times about a few people, his talents are at the top of the game but they pale in comparison to what is actually inside his heart. He’s a great person.”

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