Goldberg On The Ryback Comparisons – “I Don’t Think Twice About Him To Be Honest!”


We noted in the past here on that Ryback claims WWE brought in Goldberg to “spite him”. He said,

“I watched that on my WWE Network that they’ve refused to cancel for me because Vince… ‘Goddamnit, let him watch! The guy needs to watch! He’ll miss us eventually.’ Yeah, I watched the whole pay-per-view or the majority of it and they do what they do. I have nothing bad to say. They put the Championship on Goldberg and I don’t think he’s wrestled that long since he’s been there, but he hasn’t had to.”

Goldberg has now responded to Ryback’s claims, saying the following:

“Athletically, he doesn’t hold a candle to Roman (Reigns) or I. He’s more of a robot, bodybuilder looking kind of a guy moving around, but that doesn’t take anything away from him. That’s his character, that’s what he does. I never met the guy, so I don’t think twice about him to be honest.”

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